The CGPACS experts include full-time, adjunct and part-time professors proficient in an array of areas. This page lists experts by name. Alternatively, you can find an expert by area of expertise.

Tom Boellstorff  
  Professor of Anthropology
  Specializations: Gay & Lesbian Issues; Gender Issues; Globalization Movements; Homosexuality; Indonesia; Peace Movements; Sexuality; Southeast Asia; Transgender Issues
  Email: Phone: (949) 824-9944

Scott Bollens
  Professor of Planning, Policy and Design; Warmington Chair in Peace and International Cooperation
  Specializations: Urban Issues; Conflict & Conflict Resolution; Ethnicity & Race
  Email:   Phone: (949) 824-7696

Carol Burke  
  Professor of English and Comparative Literature
  Specializations: Afghanistan (including Afghan women, rule of law, reintegration, and corruption); Folklore - Contemporary Folklore and Folk Practice; Hazing in the Military; Literary Journalism; Military Culture; Popular Islam; Service Academies; Wars of Counterinsurgency; Women in Prison; Women in the Military
  Email:   Phone: (949) 824-4013

Michael Burton  
  Professor of Anthropology
  Specializations: African Families; African Pastoralists; Arid-Lands Pastoralism; Comparative and Field Research Methods; East Africa; Economic Anthropology; Environment; Gender and Social Identity; Gender Division of Labor; Household & Family; Household Food Economy; Human Habitation of Islands; Macroeconomic Change, Migration, and the Household Food Economy in Palau, Yap, Kosrae, and the Marshall Islands; U.S. Role in Micronesia
  Email:   Phone: (949) 824-7602

Felicia Cohn  
  Associate Professor of Medicine; Director of Medical Ethics
  Specializations: Clinician-Patient Relationships; End-of-Life Issues; Ethics of Medical Issues; Ethical Issues in Genetics; General Bioethics; Medical Education; Medical Errors and Patient Safety; Research Ethics
  Email:   Phone: (949) 824-9158

Susan Coutin  
  Professor of Criminology, Law and Society and Anthropology
  Specializations: Central America; Citizenship; Culture; Human Rights; Immigration; Law; Law & Immigration; Political Activism
  Email:   Phone: (949) 824-1447

Joseph DiMento  
  Professor of Planning, Policy, and Design, School of Law, and Management
  Specializations: Alternative Dispute Resolution and Conflict Resolution including in a Transboundary Context; Environmental Law including Domestic and Comparative and International Environmental Law; Land Use Law; Law and Society; Legal Control of Corporate Behavior; Organizational Response to Innovations (Legal, Management, Planning); Urban Planning; Use of Social Science in Policymaking
  Email:   Phone: (949) 824-5102

Paula Garb  
  Lecturer of Anthropology; Co-Director and Co-Founder of the Center for Citizen Peacebuilding; Associate Director of International Studies
  Specializations: Abkhazia; Citizen Diplomacy; Conflict Resolution; Georgia; International Conflict
  Email:   Phone: (949) 824-1227

David Theo Goldberg  
  Professor of Comparative Literature; Director of the UC Humanities Research Institute
  Specializations: Multiculturalism; Racism; South Africa
  Email:   Phone: (949) 824-8180

Susan Greenhalgh
  Professor of Anthropology
  Specializations: East Asia, Gender & Sexuality; Medical Issues and Global Health; Society & Culture
  Email:  Phone: (949) 824-5683

Inderpal Grewal  
  Professor of Women's Studies
  Specializations: British Imperialism; Feminism & Human Rights (1, 2); Globalization and Gender (1, 2); Law and Subjectivity; NGO's and Theories of Civil Society and Citizenship; South Asia & Gender (1, 2); Transnational and Postcolonial Feminist Theory; Travel, Tourism & Mobility
  Email:   Phone: (949) 824-7141

Karen Leonard  
  Professor of Anthropology
  Specializations: Asian Americans - History & Culture; Islam - especially in North America; Muslim Americans - History & Discourse; South Asian Societies (1, 2)
  Email:   Phone: (949) 824-5136

Cecelia Lynch  
  Professor of Political Science; Director of the Center for Global Peace and Conflict Studies (CGPACS)
  Specializations: Anti-Globalization Movements & Economic Justice (1, 2); International Ethics and Political Philosophy; International Organizations and Law; International Relations Theory; Peace and Security; Peace Movements; Religion in World Politics; Social Movements; Social Movements and Religion; Transnational Social Movements
  Email:   Phone: (949) 824-4274

Richard Matthew  
  Associate Professor of Planning, Policy & Design and Political Science; Director of the Center for Unconventional Security Affairs
  Specializations: Conflict and Security; Conservation and sustainable development; Environmental Change; Infectious Disease; Landmines (1, 2); Poverty Alleviation (1, 2); Terrorism; Transnational Threat Systems
  Email:   Phone: (949) 824-4852

Bill Maurer  
  Professor and Chair of Anthropology
  Specializations: Caribbean History, Politics and Culture; Central America; Cultural Dimensions of Money and Economic Processes; Culture and Politics; Economics and Finance; Global Governance and Soft Law; Globalization & Finance (1, 2); Islamic Banking and Finance (1, 2); Law and Legal Change in Developing Countries; Property; Society & Culture
  Email:   Phone: (949) 824-1415

Michael McBride
  Associate Professor of Economics
  Specializations: Economics; Conflict
  Email:   Phone: (949) 824-7417

Marty McGuire  
  Clifford S. Heinz Professor for Economics of Global Peace and Security
  Specializations: International Trade (1, 2); Missile Defense; Political Economy of International Peace and Conflict (1, 2); Public Finance
  Email:   Phone: (949) 824-6190

David Meyer  
  Professor of Sociology
  Specializations: Civil Disobedience; Nuclear Freeze Movements; Peace and Antiwar Movement (1, 2); Political Sociology; Public Policy; Social Justice; Social Movements; Sociological Theory
  Email:   Phone: (949) 824-1475

Jessica Millward
  Assistant Professor of History
  Specializations: Ethnicity & Race; Gender & Sexuality; Medical Issues & Global Health; Migration; Religion; Urban Issues
  Email:   Phone: (949) 824-9814

Laura J. Mitchell
  Associate Professor of History
  Specializations: Environment; Gender & Sexuality; Ethnicity & Race; Africa
  Email:   Phone: (949) 824-6521

Kristen Monroe  
  Professor of Political Science and Philosophy; Director of UCI's Interdisciplinary Center for the Scientific Study of Ethics and Morality
  Specializations: Altruism; Ethics & Moral Choice; Genocide; Identity; Moral Psychology; Political Psychology; Prejudice & Discrimination; Religious, Sectarian and Ethnic Violence (1, 2)
  Email:   Phone: (949) 824-6092

Pat Morgan  
  Tierney Chair Professor of Peace & Conflict and Political Science
  Specializations: East Asian Security Issues; European Security Issues; Intelligence; International Relations Theory; Peace and Security; U.S. - European Relations; U.S. Foreign Policy and National Security Policy
  Email:   Phone: (949) 824-3187

Keith Nelson  
  Professor Emeritus of History
  Specializations: 20th century U.S. - European Relations; Causes and Impact of War; Cold War; U.S. Foreign Relations
  Email:   Phone: (949) 824-6321

Oladele Ogunseitan  
  Professor of Public Health; Professor of Social Ecology; Director of Lead Campus on Green Materials - UC Toxic Substances Research & Teaching Program; Chair, Department of Population Health & Disease Prevention
  Specializations: Environmental Microbial Ecology; Industrial Ecology; International Environmental Health; Mercury & Pesticides in Wastewater; Pharmaceutical Drugs
  Email:   Phone: (949) 824-6350

Kristin Peterson  
  Assistant Professor of Anthropology
  Specializations: Political Economy; Post-colonialism and Globalization; Medicine and Science; Theories of Capital; Intellectual Property; AIDS Policies; Transnational Feminism; Nigeria and West Africa
  Email:   Phone: (949) 824-9652

Kavita Philip  
  Associate Professor of Women's Studies
  Specializations: Environment; Ethnicity & Race; Gender & Sexuality; South Asia
  Email:   Phone: (949) 824-6406

Gary Richardson  
  Associate Professor of Economics
  Specializations: Economics & Finance; Europe; Law & Society; Religion
  Email:   Phone: (949) 824-5089

Emily Rosenberg
  Professor of History
  Specializations: Globalization; Society & Culture
  Email:   Phone: (949) 824-0390

Shawn Rosenberg  
  Professor of Political Science; Director of Graduate Program in Political Psychology
  Specializations: Conflict Resolution; Democratic Deliberation; Political and Moral Reasoning; Political Cognition; Political Communication
  Email:   Phone: (949) 824-7143

Kamal Sadiq  
  Associate Professor of Political Science
  Specializations: Comparative Politics; Globalization; Immigration and Security (1, 2); Immigration within Developing Countries; India; Indonesia; International Criminal Flows (1, 2); South Asia; Southeast Asia; Terrorism
  Email:   Phone: (949) 824-3126

Wayne Sandholtz  
  Professor of Political Science
  Specializations: European Union and Integration; International Courts; International Law; International Norms; International Organizations; Political Corruption
  Email:   Phone: (949) 824-5726

Stergios Skaperdas  
  Professor of Economics
  Specializations: Conflict and Conflict Resolution; Economics and Finance; Europe; Globalization; Peace & Security Studies
  Email:   Phone: (949) 824-4167

David Smith  
  Professor of Sociology
  Specializations: Comparative-Historical Sociology; Development (1, 2); Global Industrialization; Global Urbanization & "World Cities"; International Trade (1, 2); Technological Dependence and Technology Transfer in East Asia (1, 2); Third World Cities and Development (1, 2); Urbanization; World Systems Analysis
  Email:   Phone: (949) 824-7292

Dorothy Solinger
  Professor of Political Science
  Specializations: East Asia
  Email:   Phone: (949) 824-7521

Jennifer Terry  
  Associate Professor of Women's Studies
  Specializations: Gender and Human Rights (1, 2); Gender and Militarism (1, 2); History of Military Morale in the U.S.; Militarism and the Entertainment Industry; Reproductive Rights; Sexuality and Human Rights (1, 2)
  Email:   Phone: (949) 824-8140

Roxanne Varzi  
  Associate Professor of Anthropology
  Specializations: Iran
  Email:   Phone: (949) 824-7146

Mei Zhan  
  Associate Professor of Anthropology
  Specializations: East Asia; Globalization; Medical Issues & Global Health; Pacific Region; Society & Culture
  Email:   Phone: (949) 824-8167



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