March 2, 2017
SST 777

8:30 Coffee and donuts

Session I: Governance and the Economy

Chair: Tyson Patros

9:00 Chris Gibson, Sociology

–“Social Policy Responsiveness and Military Expenditures in Arab League Member States: A post-Arab Spring Analysis, 1996-2014”

9:30 Kara Dimitruk, Economics

–“ 'I Intend Therefore to Prorogue': The Effects of Conflict in English Parliament, 1660-1702”

10:00 Chris Zoeller, Sociology

–“Instititutional Change in the End of Bretton Woods”

10:30 Coffee break

Session II: State Repression

Chair: Simone Popperl

10:45 Martin Jacinto, Sociology

–“Disrupting the Domestic Democratic Peace: Understanding Democratic Transitioning and State Repression in Latin America”

11:15 Mary Anne Mendoza, Political Science

–“The Mobilization Gap: Moving from Tensions to Conflict in Mindanao

11:45 Ehsan Farshchi, Sociology

–“Learning to Tolerate: state-movement relationship with regard to two decades of new religious movements in Iran”

12:15-1:00 Lunch

Session III: The Limits of Liberalism

Chair: Tyson Patros

1:00 Marcos Scauso, Political Science

–“The Problem of Coexistence in International Relations: Liberalism, Marxism, and the Challenge from Decolonial Indianismo”

1:30 Simone Popperl, Anthropology

–“Mandate in Ruins: Revisiting the Dead Sea Concession”

2:00 Jennifer Zelnick, Anthropology

–“From Refugee to Deportee: Cambodian-American Legal Permanent Residents and Deportable Life”

2:30 Coffee break

Session IV: Scales of Mobilization

Chair: Simone Popperl

2:45 Oviya Govindan, Anthropology

–“Ethnographic Refusal and politics of development”

3:15 Ben Leffel, Sociology

–Irvine's Diplomatic History: Municipal Foreign Policy Movement of the 1980s

3:45 Steven Schmidt, Sociology

–“Urban Development and Political Exclusion in Mexico City”

4:15 Closing remarks; wine and cheese reception


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