CGPACS Funded Research Projects

CGPACS is proud to fund cutting-edge research conducted by UCI graduate students. Below are the recipients of our Graduate Student fellowships. Congratulations to our awardees.

Boko Semassa Sociology Du Bois and the Color Line Reconsidered: Slavery as a Form of War
Burke Sarah Political Science The Effect of Reproductive Justice on Intrastate Peace
Chacon Christopher History The Birth of Global Hindutva
Dosenka Hanna Anthropology Digital Exhumation: Social Media and the Search for Missing Ukrainian Soldiers
Fekrat Nasim Anthropology The Entangled Legacies of Afghanistan: Occupation, Exile and Hazara Struggles for Belonging
Gvanstsa Gasviani GIIS Loss of National Manhood? Gendered Narratives about Exiles of the Russian-Ukrainian War in Georgia
Veronica Gonzalez Social Ecology Investigating Intimate Partner Violence from the Perspective of rural Michoacan
Isaac Mary Political Science The legacy of marginalization: How pre-migration minoritization impacts integration
Jenson Alexis Political Science Gender Troubles: Visual Representations of Sex, Gender, and Militarism in Northern Ireland
Kashem Tauhid Political Science At the Borders of the Refugee Regime: International regime complexity and refugee protection in South and Southeast Asia
Kim Inah Anthropology Archiving the Remains of Nuclear World: Citizen Radiation Detection Activities in post-Fukushima Japan
Lowood Paul Economics Princes and Prelates: Contesting Ecclesiastical Elections in the Holy Roman Empire 1400-1800
Martinez Caroline Sociology Indigenous Latinxs in the United States: Understanding Indigeneity Across Borders and Racial Paradigms
Morcos Mirette Political Science An Analysis of Sectarian Violence in Egypt Post-Tahrir
Morgan Sam Political Science Executive-legislative relations within the NATO Alliance during the deployment of US nuclear weapons to Europe in the 1950s and 1960s
Muñoz Rogelio Anthropology El Oro Verde: Avocado Cultivation in Michoacán and Framing the Cartel” Problem
Rajshekar Abhimanyu Political Science Transnational Repression by Democratic States as a Peace and conflict issue for its Minority Diaspora Abroad
Raqib Muhammad Anthropology Securitized Life: Political Widowhood, Imprisonment, and Policing in Bangladesh
Rowland Alisson Political Science The Regulatory Liminality of Sex Work: How Subnational Organizers Enact Peacebuilding
Serrano Anibal Political Science Urban Refusals: Youth Navigating Violence in South Central Los Angeles and Tijuana
Tricic Merima Urban Policy and Public Planning A War of Words: Activist Narratives of Sexual Violence and Contested Public Memories in Post-War Bosnia
Tseng Chris Chih-Hua Sociology Global Competitions and the Shaping of the Semiconductor Industry
Waleed Syed Mir Anthropology Managing Bodies: Sports, Militarism, and Etho-Nationalism in Indian Administered Kashmir
Wangdak Tenzing Anthropology Democracy in Exile: Charting Legitimacy for a Non–Violent Tibetan National Movement
Williams Joanna Economics The Long Run Effects of Public Religious Subsidies in Alsace-Lorraine
Wu Yuxiu (Isabel) History Paula, la Politica: Popular Women’s Magazine in Chile’s Public Sphere, 1967-1988
Yuan Weijun Sociology Emerging consensus: How do activist groups bridge structural divisions through communication and positioning



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